CBH Consulting Engineers Inc. has been providing quality structural engineering services to numerous clients throughout the Southwest since 1991.  The present firm capabilities include:

  • Project Management/Prime Design of industrial and commercial facilities,  including coordination of all design activities leading up to successful completion of the  project.
  • Structural design of office buildings, warehouses, retail centers, commercial buildings and parking garages for architects.
  • Rehabilitation and remodeling of existing construction, including additions of mechanical equipment supports, bridge cranes, storage bins, large air duct systems and building reinforcement.
  • Structural design of industrial buildings, catwalks, bridges, tunnels, silos and bins,  craneways, conveyor supports, towers and supports for high-temperature duct  systems and retaining walls.
  • Structural design of foundation systems for towers, tanks, silos and bins, specialized  machines and equipment.
  • Investigations of failure and distress in structures and foundations.
  • Engineering reports.
  • Expert witness support for construction and failure claims.

CBH Consulting Engineers Inc.
makes a conscientious effort to identify our client's real needs, understand his problems, and strike a balance between those needs and the project budgets.  CBH strives to keep designs simple and economical -- yet functional -- and to maximize the use of available materials at the facility.  A great deal of time is spent in coordination and detailing to minimize the potential for field problems during construction.  We are dedicated to providing "excellence in engineering" by having all structural calculations checked by an independent engineer, and all plans and specifications carefully reviewed and cross-coordinated prior to issue, thus reducing the likelihood of construction change orders due to errors, omissions, or plan/specification inconsistencies.