NAME: Dynamic Horizontal Test Sled Facility
CLIENT: Simula, Inc.
LOCATION: Phoenix, Arizona
SERVICES: Structural design for 4,000 square foot facility used for testing airline and automobile restraint systems, including 50 foot high acceleration tower, 120 foot long test track, and 30 foot long concrete reaction block.

NAME: ASU Stadium South Scoreboards Upgrade
CLIENT: OSI Sports Marketing
LOCATION: Campus of Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
SERVICES: Structural design for new scoreboard support system and strengthening of     existing scoreboard tower construction to carry new loads

NAME: Reaction Block for Test Sled
CLIENT: Seattle Safety, Inc.
LOCATION: Kent, Washington
SERVICES: Structural design of concrete test block for impact loads from test sleds

NAME: Tunnel Reconstruction Projects
CLIENT: ASU Capital Projects Management
LOCATION: Tempe, Arizona
SERVICES: Engineering report on current utility tunnel capacities
structural design for strengthening of existing utility tunnels 

NAME: Gammage Shell Relocation Project
CLIENT: ASU Facilities Planning and Construction
LOCATION: Tempe, Arizona
SERVICES: Structural design of orchestra shell enclosure and stage floor      strengthening to accommodate shell movement

NAME: McHale Center Scoreboard Upgrade
CLIENT: University of Arizona
LOCATION: Tucson, Arizona
SERVICES: Structural evaluation of existing steel roof truss system over arena to support new
scoreboard including placement and allowable magnitude of temporary "show hang" loads.

NAME: Gammage Auditorium Rigging System Upgrade and Strengthening
CLIENT: ASU Capital Management
LOCATION: Tempe, Arizona
SERVICES: Structural rehab design for roof and gridiron framing systems, columns and foundations to upgrade the hanging show load capacity of the auditorium from 60,000 lbs to 250,000 lbs.