NAME: Smelter Roof Framing Evaluation and Strengthening
CLIENT: BHP Copper, Inc.
LOCATION: San Manuel, Arizona
SERVICES: Structural evaluation of large area of damaged existing roof systems
  structural design of strengthening and rehab schemes

NAME: Central Tankhouse Building Strengthening
CLIENT: Phelps Dodge Morenci, Inc.
LOCATION: Morenci, Arizona
SERVICES: Engineering report on distress and failure; structural design for repair and rehab of building columns and crane runway

NAME: Cortaro Maintenance Shop Relocation
CLIENT: United Metro Materials, Inc.
LOCATION: Tucson, Arizona
SERVICES: Oversee one mile relocation of 6,000 square foot truck maintenance building in-tact, including pre-move consultation/analysis, monitoring of structure during move and design of new foundation and lateral bracing system.

NAME: Silo Support Structure
CLIENT: Pre-Mix Industries
LOCATION: Perryville, Maryland
SERVICES: Structural design of a 75-foot high structural steel support tower for 8 material silos weighing 500 kips each with heavy work floors/platform under each silo, located in a moderate seismic zone and high wind zone

NAME: Cement Terminal Expansion
CLIENT: Southdown Cement, Inc.
LOCATION: Phoenix, Arizona
SERVICES: Project management and structural design for major modifications and additions to an existing cement terminal to upgrade the volume of the material flow through the existing plant