Everything You Need to Know about Charger Plates


A charger plate is a big plate that forms an embellished base on which other ceramics settle. Charger plates are present in high-profile restaurants, weddings, upscale hotels, banquets, and catered events. Charger plates have different shapes, sizes, makes, and lengths. Some standard charger plates found in restaurants are black chargers, as the color black creates an excellent aesthetic.

Meals with many courses use charger plates for placing bowls and dinner plates. The manufacture of charger plates uses materials such as Porcelain, Stainless Steel, metal, faux wood, plastic, melamine, rattan, and glass.   Most of the time, when you go to fancy restaurants or attend an elegant dinner, you find the table presentation top-notch

How to Set Charger Plates

1. Select a charger plate

You should consider a couple of factors when choosing charger plates, the first being the decor of your dining table. You must select a charger plate that adds to your table’s aesthetic. Secondly, you need to consider the centerpieces, table cloth, fabric covers, and floral arrangements that will stand next to the charger plates. Thirdly, you need to consider the type of dinnerware to use, e.g., glasses, bowls, plates, and flatware.

2. Arrange the table

Each guest should have a charger plate corresponding to where they are seated. Two feet should be left between charger plates to give the guests elbow room while eating. One inch of space should be left between the bottom edges of the dining table to achieve the best alignment. The charge plate should stand below the glasses, on the table cloth, and between the flatware.

3. Synchronize table adornment

Put the napkins, menu, or name cards on the center of your charger plate for the guests to use before serving dinner.

4. Serve the guests

plates for salad, bowls for soup, and flatware for dinner entrees are placed on the charger plate when guests are ready to be apportioned. Avoid serving on a charger plate directly unless it is laminated in a material that can hold food.

5. Wash the charger plate

Charger plates should be washed and wiped to preserve the cleanliness of the dining table after the guests finish eating.
Features of Charger Plates to Consider Before Purchasing
1. Shape and color- What color are the charger plates, and will they suit the aesthetics of your dining table? These are the questions you should ask yourself before purchasing.
2. Eco-friendliness- One should buy charger plates made of sustainable material to impact the environment positively.
3. Dishwasher enabled- The charger plates you purchase should be able to facilitate cleaning with the dishwasher to facilitate cleanliness.


Whether hosting friends for dinner or catering for an event, knowing table presentation is paramount to giving your table an elegant touch. Charger plates are fundamental in table presentation; therefore, one should be familiar with how to set them on the table and the types of charger plates to purchase. Follow these instructions when setting your charger plates to give your dinner an exquisite touch.


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