How to Choose the Best Light Bulb.

Best Light Bulb

When you move t a new home, you will need to upgrade your lighting system to create a perfect environment for the entire family and visitors. Still, you can also decide to upgrade your home current home with a good lighting system for a perfect and serene environment for everyone. In whichever case, you will need good bulbs that will blend perfectly with the look of your house. You can shop for the best bulb products from the sylvania shop and make your home welcoming. However, you may wonder, what does it take to get the best bulb? Well, this article features the top bulb collection, and as you read through, you will understand your perfect bulb type.

What are the best available bulbs?

When you walk into any shop outlet dealing with bulbs, you will realize there is a wide range of bulb collections, and what you pick will affect your home look.

Note: Before we explore different light bulbs you can choose from, it is essential to note that you can pick smart bulbs for easy customization.

Back to the top types of light, we have four popular ones you can consider enhancing your home. They are categorized into LED- Light-emitting diode, halogen, CFL-compact fluorescent, and incandescent.

  • Incandescent:

Many homesteads use these types of bulbs. Then don’t transmit warm light, and they are pretty cheap. If you like, you can use them with dimmers. They last for a good period, but you should know that they aren’t energy-efficient like other bulbs.

  • Halogen:

If you want a simple bulb that will give you lighting similar to noon daylight, go for halogen bulbs. They are best when placed under cabinet lighting, pendant lights, or recessed lighting. The bulbs are energy-efficient, and you can dim them whenever you want. Although they have a short lifespan, they provide warmth faster than other bulbs. This implies that you should keep these types of bulbs away from anything that can easily cause a fire. If too hot, the bulb can explode.

  • LED- Light-Emitting Diode:

These bulbs fall under the category of most efficient bulbs. They don’t give heat but produce bright lights that will light up the entire room. They give straight light, and they are perfect for accomplishing different tasks. They will shade a light to even places that are hard to reach. One aspect you will love about these bulbs is how long-lasting they are.

  • CFL- Compact Fluorescent:

Finally, we have the compact fluorescent. These types of bulbs are energy-efficient and produce a wide range of colors. It is up to you to select the model you love and the one that will work best for you. After you switch on, they take some moments before providing warmth and brightening up. They are perfect for improving large spaces like kitchens, guest rooms, and basements. They last longer than incandescent lights and are pretty affordable. Be careful when handling these bulbs, as they have mercury that can easily burn.


Choosing a perfect bulb that will brighten your homestead requires you to become creative. Understand the nature of your rooms and choose the perfect lights as described above.


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