Signs Your Home Needs Pressure Washing


It is necessary to have your home pressure washed regularly, especially if you are a homeowner. You might not know when exactly you should have this done, however. This is why we have compiled the most common signs that your home needs to be cleaned.

Surfaces appear unclean and unkempt

This is the first and foremost sign for making you aware. If your home’s exterior looks dirty and messy, you need pressure washing. Dirt and grime accumulate naturally on the exterior of your home over time, and if you let it go unattended, your home may appear older than it is.

Stains Are Prominent

The fact that an entire surface appears dirty and unkempt is one thing, but if you start seeing large, obvious stains on harder surfaces, like concrete and pavement, you know that there is a problem. Usually, the grime that leaves these stains gets absorbed deep into the surface and settles there. Extensive pressure washing will be necessary to ensure all the impurities are drawn out and permanently removed.

Bug nests and webs are everywhere

Human contact is rare in areas where insects like to live. In nooks and crannies around your house, you’re likely to find nests or webs on your deck, your patio, or along the gutters. As these nests appear throughout the year, it’s important to bring in the pressure washers when you notice too many of them on your property.

There’s a blockage in your gutters

To keep your home’s foundation dry, gutters collect and drain water. However, twigs and leaves prevent them from doing this if they are full of debris. You should immediately clean your gutters if they aren’t performing their essential duties.

There is a discoloration on your roof

The roof is particularly susceptible to fungus, bacteria, vegetation, and other growths. The accumulation of dirt and grime can cause your roofing materials to discolor if left unattended. This could indicate the presence of a potentially harmful growth, such as mold, that may seep into your home and cause harm to you.

A Higher-Than-Average Energy Bill

Clean exteriors can reduce your energy costs. As a result, your home’s temperature shifts due to dirt adhering to the insulation. As a result, you overuse your HVAC system and waste money.

There Is a Dull and Dirty Look to the Siding

Pressure washing can help you remove all dirt and debris from the siding of your home without damaging it. If you notice that the siding of your house looks dirty, it’s time to hire any professional pressure washer service. Not only will your house look beautiful and tidy, but it will also boost its curb appeal.

If any of the issues mentioned above are present in your house, you should immediately contact a pressure washing service near you. The points listed above demonstrate the dangers of neglecting to clean the exterior of your home. If you want your house to remain valuable and attractive, it needs to be cleaned inside and out. A pressure washing service can also clean up dirt or mud accumulated on your deck quickly.


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