What Are The Main Characteristics Of Aluminum 6061 For The CNC Project?


For electronic structural applications valid assembly and other kinds of industrial as well as household items, 6061 aluminum is the most recommended one. This aluminum is listed among excellent Korean resistance materials and also offers high to moderate strength.

As compared to other available alloys, 6061 aluminum is at the topmost level and provides greater strength, therefore, is the priority when choosing for any application. Due to this reality, the 6061 CNC Project always prefers this aluminum. Given are discussed the most prominent characteristics of 6061 aluminum and why it is preferred for CNC Projects.

Knowing About 6061 aluminum

The most common and famous great of aluminum is considered aluminum 6061. Magnesium and silicon alloy elements are combined to form aluminum 6061. 0.6% is silicon presence and magnesium is about 1%. This specific percentage of elements results in making aluminum 606 the best weldable and formable material.

In addition to these characteristics, these elements also contribute to making it highly corrosion-resistant and crackable. The other most amazing fact is that aluminum 6061 has more strength to weight ratio as compared to other available aluminum alloys and hence it is perfect for industrial as well as household applications.

6061 aluminum Characteristics

Aluminum 6061 has a lot of mechanical characteristics that make it perfect for all kinds of applications. A few of these properties are mentioned below along with their minor details.

Hardness Affect

As mentioned above aluminum 6061 has a good strength-to-weight ratio and hence is considered a hard metal alloy. This hardness makes it the perfect choice for CNC projects.

Temperature Resistance

When the flow of current is resisted by a material then it is said to be its temperature resistance. It has been found that aluminum 6061 has high-temperature resistance and hence doesn’t overheat when it comes across a high temperature. Due to this reason, it is the perfect choice for a CNC project.


A material that has more elasticity means that it can turn to its original position easily. Aluminum 6061 has an elasticity of 68.9 GPa and hence is preferred for CNC projects where high elasticity is demanded.

Electric Resistivity

Electric resistivity refers to the reaction of a material’s resistance to current. Aluminum 6061 has very low electrical resistance hence allowing electric current to pass through it easily. It is highly recommended for several electrical applications.

Thermal Conductivity

The thermal conductivity of a material refers to its heat-conducting ability. 6061 aluminum has a thermal conductivity of 167 W/m-k and hence it is considered perfect for several cooling and heating applications. This feature makes this aluminum alloy best for CNC Projects.

Yield Strength

Yield strength is the most prominent feature of 6061 aluminum which means the maximum stress required for deformation of a component. For deformation of any component like twisting and compression, a specific amount of maximum stress is required. The 6061 aluminum has a yield strength of 276 MPa and hence it’s difficult to deform it.

Uses Of 6061 aluminum

The 6061 aluminum is known for having several applications in different industries as it is lightweight, affordable, and has remarkable strength. Below are a few of the uses of 6061 aluminum.

  • For manufacturing various parts in the automotive sector, aluminum is highly preferred.
  • Because of having high corrosion resistance, 6061 aluminum is demanded in the manufacturing of aircraft parts.
  • Sporting goods like hockey sticks, golf club shafts, baseball bats, and surfboards are produced using 6061 aluminum. This is because it has a high strength-to-weight ratio as well as more corrosion resistance.

Final Lines

6061 aluminum is considered among the most preferred and versatile materials for extrusion. The thing that makes it a perfect and ideal choice for structural application is its strength. In addition to structure application, it is also used for other projects as it can have a wonderful combination of properties.


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